Unsodered And Unconnected Laser Chip 8W 755nm

Unsodered And Unconnected Laser Chip 8W 755nm

Laser chips from Brandnew can be mounted on a variety of submounts.

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Product Details

China Professional Supplier of High-power Semiconductor Laser Chip. Brandnew Laser Chip can Meet the Highest Quality Standard of customers.


  • Highest quality: We strictly monitor the production of our semiconductor products in clearly defined processes.

  • Powerful: High, reliable output power and ideal beam characteristics.

  • Economical: Our semiconductors are very efficient and are characterized by a long service life.


  • Industry: Semiconductors for high-power diode lasers in direct material processing, for heating or lighting. Semiconductors as pumping sources for fiber and solid-state lasers. Use in printing technology.

  • Medicine: Esthetics, dermatology and surgery.

8W 755nm Bare Laser Chip


Bare untested chips can be provided.Pls write to us for availability.


Brandnew Technology, one of the leading diode laser manufacturers and suppliers in China, has a professional factory which manufacturers high quality unsodered and unconnected laser chip 8w 755nm and sells at competitive price. Welcome to wholesale our products made in China.
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