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Common Parameters
- Aug 16, 2016 -

⑴ the wavelength: the wavelength of laser tube, can be used for photoelectric switches with laser diode wavelength 635nm, 650nm, 670nm, 690nm, 780nm, 810nm, 860nm, 980nm, and so on.

⑵ threshold current Ith: laser laser oscillation in the start of current, General low power laser tube, the value in the dozens of Ma, with strained multi-quantum well structure low laser threshold current of 10mA or less.

C current Iop: the laser tubes drive current at rated output power, this value is more important for designing and debugging of laser-driven circuit.

D vertical divergence angle θ ⊥: laser diode emitting angle in the vertical direction of PN junction opened, generally around 15 follows a ~40 follows.

⑸ horizontal divergence angle θ ∥: laser diode emitting in the direction parallel to the PN junction open angle, generally about 6 follows a ~ 10 follows.

Monitoring current Im services: namely, laser tube at rated output power, PIN tube flowing currents.

Laser diode optical drive on the computer, laser print head in the printer, bar code scanner, laser range finders, laser medical treatment, optical communications, laser designator, such as low-power has been widely used in optoelectronic devices, lighting, laser surgery, laser welding and laser weapons, has also been used in high power devices.