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- Aug 16, 2016 -

When the laser diode injection when the currents below the critical current density, luminescence mechanism is largely spontaneous emission, a wider spectral dispersion, bandwidth of about 100 to 500 angstroms (PSV =10-1 nano, is one of several Atomic diameters of orders of magnitude between PSV. But when the current density exceeding the critical value, began to produce oscillations, finally leaving only a handful of modal, and bandwidth is reduced to 30 angstroms. Moreover, laser diode power consumption is extremely small, in double-heterostructure laser, for example, the maximum voltage rating is usually less than 2 volts, the input current is between 15 to 100 Ma, power consumption less than one watt more than dozens of Watts output power.

Characteristics of laser diode, one of the modulation output is directly from the current strength of light. Because the output power and mostly linear relationships between input current, laser diodes can be used analog or digital direct modulation of the output light intensity of current, eliminating expensive modulators, so more inexpensive diode applications.