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- Aug 16, 2016 -

On the mechanism of laser-produced front, first explain stimulated emission. There are three kinds of radiation in the optical radiation,

Is delivered to low-energy state of particles in a high energy state transitions, called spontaneous emission;

Is the second in a high-energy state of particles in the outside light when excited by low energy transition, called stimulated emission;

Three are in a low energy State particles absorb light energy to the outside high energy stimulated absorption transition call.

Spontaneous radiation, even is two while from a a high-energy State to low energy State jump moved of particles, they issued light of phase, and polarization State, and launches direction also may different, but by stress radiation on different, dang is located in high-energy state of particles in foreign photon of inspired Xia to low energy State jump moved, issued in frequency, and phase, and polarization State, aspects and foreign photon completely same of light. In the laser, is stimulated emission of radiation, it emits the laser frequency, phase, polarization, and so on are exactly the same. Any of the excitation light system

Sketch map of laser diode

Sketch map of laser diode

That has stimulated emission, and stimulated absorption, only an advantage stimulated emission can be issued external optical laser. Ordinary light is stimulated absorption edge only particle equilibrium is broken and making energy particle number is greater than the low-energy state number of particles (such as ion inversion), make the laser.