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Structural Editing
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Physical structure

Is placed between the light emitting diode junctions with a layer of semiconductors with optical activity, their surfaces are polished with a partial reflection, resulting in an optical resonator. In forward bias case, the LED emits light with interacting with optical cavity, thereby further encouragement from the knot launches a single wavelength of light, the physical properties of light and materials.

VCD machines, semiconductor laser diode laser head is one of the core components, it is mostly composed of heterogeneous structure of gallium aluminum Arsenide (AsALGA) ternary compound, is a near-infrared semiconductor device and wavelength of 780~820 NM, rated power of 3~5 MW. In addition, there is also a visible light (red) laser diode, widely used in VCD player as well as bar code readers.

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