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Three Conditions For Laser
- Aug 16, 2016 -

Achieve population inversion, satisfy the threshold conditions and resonant condition. Stimulated emission of light is critical for the population inversion, is to bring in a semiconductor electronic pump in the valence band into the conduction band. In order to obtain Ionic population inversion, usually in heavily doped p-type and n-type material PN junction, so that in the presence of the applied voltage, appeared in the area near the ion inversion-in high Fermi EFC holds the electrons in conduction band below and above the low Fermi EFV storage holes in the valence band. Achieve population inversion is required for laser, but not a sufficient condition. To produce the laser, but also there is minimal loss of cavity, major parts of the resonator is two parallel mirrors, activating substances issued by the stimulated emission of light reflected back and forth between two mirrors, constantly creating new stimulated emission, which was enlarged. Only the gain of the amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is greater than the loss within the laser, that meets a certain threshold conditions

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